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  • Brand management
  • Solution to improve conversion rate
  • Solution to increase consumer engagements
  • Discount code management
  • Gift cards enhancements
  • Returns management
  • Order shipment monitoring
  • Product ranking
  • Integration to 3rd party site and products feedback
  • Catalog update automations
  • Search / Thematic pages generator
  • Cart abandon solutions
  • eMail marketing integration (to Bronto)
  • Enhancements to shopping cart reports
  • Improve page load speed solution.

Brand management

Customers are interested to know the story behind a brand they are about to buy. The solution allowed a site to manage the brand story by giving the brand the ability to build the story in a for a slide show, get the content to a review and approval by the site operators and have the visitors review the story at their will. This allow a small brand gain presence just like a known one, and creates better engagement and confidence for the shopper.

Solution to improve conversion rate

Conversion rate is probably the most important bottom line measurement for a matured ecommerce site. When a site matures (have significant traffic), even a small change in conversion rate can mean substantial increase in profit.

The solution attempted to ensure the shopper finds the right products in the first couple of product views.

A 25% increase was reported 1 hour following the deployment of the solution.

Solution to increase consumer engagements

Customers who arrive to a website and leave immediately (bouncing) or once that aren't finding what they look for, aren't engaged and are 'lost' customers.

The solution took in account changes to categories and product pages, changes in images sizes, display of customer reviews and changes in font sizes.

Discount code management

Discount codes come with characteristics (e.g. expiration date, unique, use once/many times and more).

The solution provided the ability to use the characteristics as a base template, generating multiple codes and managing each code to the characteristics defined by the base template.

Gift cards enhancements

When a site is looking to use discount or promotion sites (e.g. Groupon, active.com), there is a need to manage large amount of gift cards with their codes, activation, balance, use history, who bought it and the user of the card)

The solution provided a quick capability to generate gift cards to be sold on discount websites with a simple way to generate and communicate the gift cards, provide activation and monitoring of the cards sale and usage.

Returns management

This is one aspect of the ecommerce business that can drop a site to losses. Many sites are offering free returns and consumers are using this quite often. Therefore it's important to manage returns, from generating a return label, through returning a product to stock or to the brand.

The solution managed the returns of the products, and the shipment of products back to brands with information of the orders returned, quantities, and helps the operators to follow up on the refunds to the customers and from the brands.

Order shipment monitoring

Helps site using drop shipping to follow on the supplier shipping to their customers. The order is sent to the supplier, and the supplier sends / enters shipping details.

The solution provided monitoring capabilities for 00's of orders that are expecting shipment, highlighting the once that are late, and automate email alerts to the suppliers with escalation capabilities.

Product ranking

When managing 000's and more products in a store, in addition to sorting, product ranking help customers make buying decision.

The solution is based on a mathematical model taking in account a few variables, such as new product, how many products were sold and when etc.

In addition, a major variable is how much stock available for the prodcut. Low availability variations can hurt sales and will reduce ranking.

Integration to 3rd party site and products feedback

Connecting a site to a 3rd party product feedbacks service allow small-medium sites have more product reviews, which help shoppers make a purchasing decision.

Catalog update automations

Some sites are receiving catalogs from their suppliers and making updates – new products, discontinued once, price changes, inventories and more.

The solution allowed configuring the sources of the catalogs, retrieve them, populate the changes, provide summary of the changes. In addition there are actions that can be automated, e.g. build static information.

Search / Thematic pages generator

Sites with e.g. products have traditional capabilities to build categories that present grouped products on a page or multiple pages.

The solution provides a way to generate exponentially more amount of grouped pages which allow search engines to crawl and index, and provide more accurate search phrases landing pages. Similar solutions are sold by some companies for tens of thousand of dollars a month.

Cart abandon solutions

The solution make attempts to use email and other means to convince a shopper to complete the checkout process.

eMail marketing integration

This solution changed the a site's email notification from the built in to using email marketing provider. This includes order notifications, registrations, newsletter, and more.

The solution is utilizing custom queue system, monitoring capabilities, and reporting.

Enhancements to shopping cart reports

Enhancements to provide custom reports per customer definition.

Improve page load speed solution

Of the most important factor for bounce rate decrease. The solution is customizations of various variable to achieving shorted load time. Reducing image site, adding static content, improving DB calls, reducing 3rd party components and more.