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Application Development

Using advanced methodologies to build efficient desktop, web & mobile applications for enterprises, SMB and start-ups.

  • Python - main programming technology
    • Web development / Python web frameworks - Django, Flask, Pyramid and Tornado.
    • Back-end processing - endless opportunities to process data, consumer reports, searches including Google search API, social media information etc, automated data generation.
    • Email notifications, email marketing and email alerts
    • Webpage scrapping - retireve information from other website, mimic search engine capabilities, turn a web page content to a valuable information and more.
    • Enhance functionality for all applications.
    • Python flask development in Boston
    • White hat tests and verifications - ensuring a site or an application are safe and are open for malsious attack.
  • .NET
  • PHP
  • ASP
  • Database development
    • Create databases accordign to requirements following industry best practices
    • Create and optimize tables, indexes and queries
    • Create automated procedures (using stored procedures, functions) to manipulate data
    • Create customer reports, generate outputs for any purpuse.
    • Relational DB: SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLite
    • NoSQL DB: MongoDB development with Python, PHP.

Need a Python or SQL programmer for a small, medium or a large contract / project in Boston MA area?
Wether your project is for a web application, a mobile device, backend or desktop, you can find your dedicated developer here.

Mobile Applications

We use cross platform methodology to write once, use on most mobile devices.

OT PROJECTS Recent projects

Medical supplies eCommerce Site

A site with +250k products, fix cart bugs, improve page loade speed, update catelog, automate product status, multiple improvements to the backoffice operation and management. On going project. Google feeds, shopping. Price comparison.

Python, PHP, MySQL, JSON.

Performance surveys

Various enhancements, create surveys, reports, graphs/charts, export to PDF and Excel. On going project.

ASP.NET, VB.NET, SQL server.

ASP enhancements.

Multiple websites.

ASP Classic.

Algo trading application Boston area.

Automated trading, created trade strategies, allocating trade entries and exists, automate orders according to strategies, risk management.


Custom Analytics for health care surveys, greater Boston area.

Creation of a back-end functionality and interactive front-end to present survey results .

Python, Django, Ajax, MySQL.

Sale Analytics application, Boston MA.

Sale prediction application creating revenue prediction and opportunity closure forecast reports .


Web and Mobile application - auto industry, Boston MA.

Responsive web application, making wash ordering easy and quick.

Python, Django, Ajax, MySQL.

ERP python customizations - New England.

Tryton customization.

Python, PostgreSQL.

New database schema and migration, Boston MA based investment company.

Work with the IT of an investment company to build a new data model schema, validate the schema and build initial data migration and first reports. Stored procedures, complex data model requirements.

SQL Server.

Database Changes and improvement for a Greater Boston based Bio-tech startup.

Create and improve stored procedures handling intensive data manipulation of clinical trails, test results and technical data. Involved indexing, stored procedure review and enhancements, changes from triggers to stored procedures etc.

SQL Server.

Tournament Management system.

Create a tournament management SaaS application, which allow a tournament manager to create teams, manage schedule, scores, display scores and standing, subscribers are receiving email alerts, Twitter tweets are automatically generated. Tournament management system features.

Python Pyramid, SQL, Json.

Reducing bounce rates for E-Commerce websites.

Concept and Development of methodologies to mitigate reasons for website bounce rate (leaving the site on same page).

Python, MSSQL, MySQL - Store Procedures. (execution via Cron/Windows scheduler)

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Product ranking - increasing conversion rate

Developed an algorithm to rank products, in adherence to a customer search, sales performance and other factors. This functionality was prototyped in Python, works with store procedures.

Python, ASP, MSSQL - Store Procedures, IIS.

E-Commerce Automation

Design and Development of a complete SaaS automation solution providing ecommerce catalog management upload (e.g. import new products, generate product options, prices manipulation, modify product status), inventory updates, site health monitoring, custom code execution, generate export feeds, various email alerts. Works with OSCommerce, Magento and other e-commerce software.

Python, MySQL, MSSQL (execution via Cron/Windows scheduler).

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Automated upload of Catagories and products.

Stored procedure based application generating Categories and products for 00,000's of entries for automotive eCommerce site.

Python, MySQL.

Mobile eCommerce checkout process

Enhancement to existing shopping cart to support mobile devices users make a checkout with their device.

Sale Management for mobile (IPad/Android) devices

Development of an application for sale management allowing the sales person conduct sales when online and off-line. The same application works on different devices.

Python, kivy, JSON, sqlite.

Discount management.

Developed enhancements to shopping cart discount coupons mechanism to easily produce large amount of unique discount codes (for sites working with coupon sites), manage the usage of these code, and monitor performance and reports.


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Returns (Product returns) Management.

Developed a product return back-end system to manage the returns from customers, manage returns to supplier/brand including automated RMA requests, email notifications, inventory changes, financial updates and more.


Brand content in multi-brand environment.

For a site selling +100 brands, developed a brand content information module where brands can create content, approval work-flow by the site managers, and publication. Including back and front end.

ASP, Python, MSSQL, JavaScript, IIS

Search (SEO) pages.

Search / Thematic pages. Concept and Development of a methodology to automate product grouped pages base on characteristics, and creation of search phrases (keywords) to increase organic search results. Accounts for 40% traffic increase with some sites. Python, MySQL, SQL Server, Linux. (execution via Cron/Windows scheduler)

Cart abandon solution - Amazon AWS based application.

Creation and deployment of a cart abandon email solution generating alerts for shop owners, email follow-up to customers, statistic pages generation.

Python, MySQL, SQL Server, Linux, Windows (execution via Cron/Windows scheduler)

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Web application.

Create a new web application covering purchasing process from generating a purchase request, through managers approvals, orders, receiving, invoicing, accounting and payment. Combination of web and application servers, utilization of background processing.

PHP, Python, MongoDB.

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Bronto (email marketing) integration.

A complete replacement of a shopping cart application email mechanism and integrating all email events with Bronto. Creation of queue mechanism, error handling, populating contacts and alert mechanism.

Need Email marketing integration development in Boston?

Python, MySQL, SQL Server, Web Services, Windows (execution via Windows scheduler)

Integration with external review services

Call external review services and populate feedback on product pages

ASP, Web services.

Psychology Experiment applications

Modification and creation of experiments, utilizing game technology to record and measure subject responses and choices.

Python (PyGame), multi-platform.